StreetScout - Mapping for people who move

You make your commute every day. You have to travel to friends' houses, to the pub, to the shops and the post office all the time.

You know the route - but sometimes you need to make a pitstop and you don't know where to go to do that. StreetScout knows.

StreetScout is simple and intuitive. You tell it what you're looking for and where you're going, and it'll give you advice about where to stop on the way in the best and most efficient manner. It does all the hard work so that you don't have to.

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StreetScout is actually available as a web app, too - that's how it started. You can try it out at Give it a go now if you want to get a taste of how StreetScout will work!

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A Press Kit is available for download if you need logos, screenshots or a description of the app.

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StreetScout is a product created with love, sweat and toil by Daniel Hough and Pete O'Grady, who are both software developers from London, UK

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